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Data from the company SPIRIT IV trial will XIENCE V to TAXUS at the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics annual meeting in September 2009 werden.690 patients is the SPIRIT IV trial is one of the largest head – to-head randomized clinical trials between two drug – eluting stents and includes more than 1,000 patients with diabetes. Across the SPIRIT family of trials is planning Abbott about 22,000 patients with everolimus -eluting stents to study treat.

‘to the XIENCE PRIME stent is designed stent deliverability improving minimize vessel injury and provide easy access to lesions in complex anatomy. ‘.. ‘XIENCE PRIME superior outcomes superior outcomes from the extensive body of clinical evidence from the SPIRIT trials and offers design and system properties which system properties that reach it even easier appropriate for a doctor and treat making a lesion, ‘said Patrick Serruys, professor of interventional cardiology at the Thoraxcenter, Erasmus University Hospital, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.John Norton, a spokesman of the National Community Apotheker Association, that pharmacists nationally can not afford to, the accreditation, which would be necessary to $ 3,000 would be required the sale of certain items which would affect most consumers in rural areas. Symantec norton said, ‘beneficiaries of under served areas under-served areas, dozens of additional miles travel to other sites takes for deliveries and professional advice previously obtained closer to home. ‘.. In addition, in September 2009, CMS be request that Supplies Pharmacies accreditation authorized seller of health trying became.

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In a position investigated challenge for independent pharmaciesThe Arkansas Democrat-Gazette examined am Montag some of the challenges facing independent pharmacies Germany, how growing competition from sank by big chain and mail-order pharmacy reimbursement rates and higher state and federal regulations. Such a challenges is particularly hard in the countryside states such as Arkansas, where pharmacists may only be health care professionals in small cities, to winning not have an sufficiently large population chain stores, as a reported to which Democrat-Gazette.