3 easy ways to look after your eyes Imagine a day without being able to see.

And join a Yoga class, gym, aerobics, or any other exercise form excites you. As per AAO, some studies suggest that regular exercise, such as walking, can reduce the threat of age-related macular degeneration by up to 70 %. We’d also help you to either end or lessen your smoking. Individuals who smoke are usually at a greater threat of developing age related macular degeneration and cataracts. 2 Get your eye checked at least every two years Eye tests aren’t expensive, but they can help you save from eye diseases that may ruin your vision / eye sight for life. An eye exam not merely determines your risk for creating a major eye disease such as diabetic retinopathy, but also means that your prescription for eye contact or glasses lens is up to the mark.Give it a spin. When the regularity is smooth, lather it on your own hands. Massage your hands and cuticle for a couple of minutes before you slip on the gloves. It shall keep your hand soft and smooth. Lip Scrub Pucker up your lips this wintertime with this homemade scrub. You will require an equal proportion of sugar and virgin coconut oil, cut fruits and flavored extracts of your choice. Transfer oil and sugar in a combining bowl followed by fruit items and flavored extracts.