$498 million to improve response to bioterror episodes.

To explore this goal, the researchers reviewed detailed questionnaires done by men regarding their lifestyles and diets. Medical information were also examined, which included checking the men’s history for cancer, coronary disease, hypertension and raised chlesterol levels. The individuals included more than 20,000 Swedish men age range 45 to 79, whom were noticed over an 11-calendar year period. Low-risk behaviors included five factors: a healthy diet plan, moderate alcohol consumption, no smoking, regular exercise and having no abdominal adiposity, or excessive stomach fat.NPR’s Talk of the Nation also examines the major news out of Helps 2010, through conversations between host Tony Jon and Cox Cohen, a correspondent with Technology Steffanie and magazine Strathdee, associate dean of global health at the University of California San Diego. Vaccines; Global HIV/AIDS Patient Survey Meanwhile, Nature Information/Scientific American examines ‘the results of a handful of successful, but small, early-phase medical trials for therapeutic vaccines – once regarded as a dead end for tackling HIV’ that were presented at AIDS 2010. ‘Normal vaccines are designed to prevent attacks, but so far none has worked for HIV,’ the news headlines service writes. ‘Therapeutic vaccines, in contrast, aim to treat contaminated people – in the case of HIV, by improving ravaged immune systems.’ Related StoriesNew study finds high prevalence of HIV among pregnant refugee ladies in OntarioStudy evaluates effectiveness of antiretroviral treatment in HIV-infected childrenGenvoya approved as comprehensive program for HIV treatmentThe content examines the potential advantages a therapeutic vaccine could possess over current HIV/AIDS treatments and details several approaches businesses are taking towards the development of therapeutic vaccines.