4th Annual Patient Recruitment and Retention in Clinical Trials 13th-15th October.

Who should attend: Vice Presidents and Directors of: Individual Recruitment, Patient Retention, Clinical Development, Clinical Functions, Clinical Trials, Clinical Advertising, Clinical Strategy, Clinical Task Management, Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs For further information and registration, please visit: life-science/4th-patient-recruitment-and-retention-in-clinical-trials About Jacob Fleming Group Jacob Fleming Group is one of the world’s leading business cleverness companies producing business-to-business conferences which includes current research, market tendencies, technological developments and applications. Our market-led intelligence allows our customers to make informed decisions for maximum bottom-line influence.Set realistic short and long term goals, and reward yourself when they have been achieved by you. Exercise with a good friend or family member. Keep a fitness log or chart your progress on a calendar. Create several workout locations and options to avoid becoming bored. Identify complications or obstacles that are likely to get in the way of your workout program and plan ahead how you will cope with them. Choose activities that are convenient, inexpensive and fun relatively. ‘While there is absolutely no treatment for arthritis, a healthy lifestyle which includes regular physical exercise can improve quality of life’ explains Dr. Borenstein. ‘And, working out can be quite motivating and among the easiest ways to combat discomfort from arthritis and rheumatic illnesses.’ Furthermore to celebrating Globe Arthritis Day time, the ACR companions with the Arthritis Foundation on its Ad Council campaign to help people age 55 and up who possess, or are at risk for developing, osteoarthritis discover motion as a weapon in the fight arthritis.