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Vrbicky. Without the telemedicine consult, there is a genuine possibility that the infant would have needed to be transported either via helicopter or ambulance to Omaha at a very high cost. To perform the remote diagnosis, a Phillips 5500 ultrasound machine at Faith Regional Health Services was connected to a Librestream Onsight 2000R video device through an S-video connection. The video was safely encrypted by method of AET’s guaranteed network technology program and streamed live to Dr. Scott Fletcher, a cardiologist with the University of Nebraska Medical Middle/Creighton University Medical Center, Joint Division of Pediatric Cardiology in Omaha. Dr. Fletcher could view the ultrasound from Children’s Hospital and provided an instantaneous confirmation of diagnosis to the attending doctor, Dr.But how about the nagging problems that your alcoholism is leading to others? That matters. If you think that alcoholism may be causing others problems, it could be time to appearance that disease square in the true face and see what can be done. Rehab treatment centers could be the accepted place to begin. Treatment centers can help An alcohol rehabilitation center could be what you need, and it may not. One place to start learning is by viewing a counselor. Speak to someone about the problem as you’ll with any additional disease and find out what your treatment plans are.