A distinct ANA HEp-2 profile shape was observed.

In the autoimmune diseases with the ANA – HEp-2 showed positive results at a predominantly moderate to high titer. A distinct ANA – HEp-2 profile shape was observed, characterized by the absence of NDF pattern and the exclusive occurrence of the NCS , centromeric , nuclear homogeneous , and cytoplasmic dense fine speckled pattern. ANA-positive patients with confirmed autoimmune diseases also showed the presence of the NFS , but at a higher titer than in healthy individuals.

One possibility is healthy people who transmission from a mother to newborn vaginal bacteria can be a defense against diseases that act by limiting the colonization of more harmful pathogens, they said.

Previous studies show by caesarean by cesarean birth more susceptible to certain pathogens, allergies and asthma than vaginal births. One possibility is to help explain the higher incidence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus , or MRSA, in C – section babies, a hard-to – treat bacterial infections in hospitals and clinics has been increased in recent years, so the researchers..Reference Number 2006 / 0056th.. Notes to Editors* Control invasive pneumococcal disease: is the vaccination by risk groups sufficient? M Fletcher, Wyeth Vaccines Research, Paris et al. The International Journal of Clinical Practice. Volume 60th Site 450-456 . , evidence-based in February 2006, the Chief Medical Officer Sir Liam Donaldson at the Department of Health Pressemitteilung – added pneumococcal vaccine in order the child immunization program, more protection against meningitis and sepsis.

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