A national honor offered in acknowledgement of volunteer assistance.

With respect to the ADAO PRESIDENTIAL VOLUNTEER Support AWARD recipients, we are honored to be recognized for our educational attempts to increase asbestos awareness to avoid publicity and work toward eliminating deadly illnesses, said Linda Reinstein, CEO and Co-Founder of the Asbestos Disease Recognition Organization. The Asbestos Disease Consciousness Firm is proud to be aligned with this prestigious volunteer award, and we are especially proud of our volunteers who’ve made selfless services a central component of their lives. To day, the President’s Council offers partnered with an increase of than 80 Leadership Businesses and more than 28,000 Certifying Organizations to more than 1 bestow.5 million awards to the country’s deserving volunteers.When a heart strike occurs, blood circulation is reduced to many areas of the body. When the blood flow is restored, several processes take place in the body that truly cause more harm to the damaged tissue. When the blood supply is reestablished, the blood carries white bloodstream cells to the areas broken by the decrease in blood delivery. Regrettably, these blood cells become miniature hand grenades because they stick to the wall space of the arteries and launch toxic chemicals in to the damaged tissues, causing additional cell death. When the white bloodstream cells arrive, they attach to the adhesion molecules on the bloodstream vessel walls and then start destroying the damaged tissue.