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In addition, at two years Gilenia delayed the progression of disability by 30 percent for patients on 0.5 mg compared to placebo[1]. ‘These findings reinforce the prospect of Gilenia to be a breakthrough therapy option for physicians and people with relapsing types of MS,’ said Trevor Mundel, MD, Global Head of Advancement at Novartis Pharma AG. ‘The info demonstrate the effectiveness of Gilenia irrespective of treatment history, and additional support both the sustained efficacy of Gilenia over 2 yrs and the potential great things about switching from interferon beta-1a, a accepted MS therapy currently, to Gilenia.’ Of the 1153 individuals who participated in the one-year TRANSFORMS research, 1027 elected to enter the one-year extension study.A person should rest in clothes which match him and are not tight. Comfortable clothes can be a key arrangement to sleep earlier. 5. Relax: When a person lies down in bed, he should feel relax. Sometimes imagination may also work. Imagine about the plain things which make a person relaxed, satisfied and happy, this can be a major step to sleep earlier. What else ought to be done besides these tips? These tips might help a person to rest earlier, but sometimes all things fail.