A Vaccine for Cocaine Addicts?

Volkow said the research exemplifies a transformative perspective on drug addiction. By targeting it as a medical disease instead of a moral dilemma, we’re likely to develop solutions which have a much longer impact, she said. The research involved 115 cocaine abusers also dependent on heroin who sought methadone treatment at a New Haven, Conn. Clinic. Methadone treats heroin addiction, not cocaine, but it requires do it again clinic visits. That managed to get easier for the researchers to work with and track the cocaine abusers, Kosten stated. Over 12 weeks, almost all individuals got five pictures of cocaine vaccine or a dummy element. These were followed for an additional 12 weeks. All participants attended weekly relapse-prevention therapy sessions also, had their blood tested for antibodies and their urine examined for cocaine and heroin.‘I never have seen personally this kind of fungal contamination of your skin,’ he said. Stacy Fender, a spokeswoman for CoxHealth, stated Cox South medical center in Springfield has one patient and also require a fungal infection. Overall numbers weren’t obtainable. The health department in Springfield-Greene County, where some sufferers were treated, declined to release information about patients sickened by the fungus, citing patient privacy concerns. The Springfield News-Head reported the department sent a memo Monday to area health providers warning them to be on the lookout for the infections. Kendra Williams, the administrator of community health insurance and epidemiology for the health department, said the fungus most likely originated from soil or vegetative components imbedded in the skin by the tornado.