AANP chooses The Journal for Nurse Practitioners while official publication Elsevier.

JNP Editor-in-Chief Marilyn W. Edmunds, PhD, NP, said, The merger of these organizations is an important step of progress in assisting NPs in practicing fully potential of their education. JNP is very happy to be a part of this advancement and I believe the journal is certainly a powerful platform to aid NP advocacy, policy advancement, and dissemination of NP analysis. Nina Milton, Publishing Director of Nursing Journals at Elsevier, added, We are delighted to have this possibility to collaborate with AANP and continue our longstanding relationship with the NP community.Prespecified analyses had been also performed according to the study population; the outcomes in the population not really receiving dialysis are reported here. Statistical Analysis The primary-analysis population for the assessment of safety comprised all patients who underwent randomization and who received at least one dose of the study drug . The principal efficacy analysis included individuals in the primary-analysis population who also experienced at least one hemoglobin measurement during the evaluation period. There is no imputation of missing data for the principal efficacy analysis. The principal efficacy end point was analyzed with an analysis-of-variance cell means model to estimate the mean differ from the baseline hemoglobin level to the mean level during the evaluation period within each randomization stratum.