According to a new report jointly launched today by WHO.

This represents an extraordinary achievement for public health, said WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan. This proves that, with determination and commitment, all obstacles can be overcome. People living in resource-constrained configurations can indeed be brought back to economically and socially successful lives by these medications. The latter figure was the mark of the ‘3 by 5’ initiative that sought to possess 3 million HIV-positive individuals living in low-and middle-income countries on treatment by 2005.Stop The Spread Of Acne. Acne medication about 50 percent an inches around the affected area Apply, to help keep the acne from spreading. Acne moves across the face from the nasal area to the ear, so you have to treat beyond the inflamed region. Most people make the error of treating only the pimples rather than the outlaying regions of skin. This is wrong.

A booster dose of a substance already within the body appears to be safe and nontoxic for the treatment of pancreatic cancer A booster dose of a substance currently within the body appears to be safe and non-toxic for the treating pancreatic cancer, and displays indications of arresting pancreatic cancer cell growth in patients, Penn State University of Medicine researchers record.