ActiveCare announces option of new line of services for aging individuals ActiveCare Inc.

ActiveCare’s services are provided through the innovative ActiveOne PAL handset. ActiveCare services range between GPS area and fall detection, by the built-in accelerometer, to turn-by-turn directions and simple mobile phone connections. Check-in or Reminder calls can be scheduled to maintain seniors on the right track with daily activities, meals or medications while offering reassurance to caregivers. When connected to the CareCenter, users can get turn-by-turn directions, roadside area or assistance identification to supply for a loved one, emergency or caregiver services, if needed. An ActiveCare CareSpecialist communicates with the member to identify proper next steps, which range from false alarms or minimal stumbles to necessary emergency services.Under terms of the cost plus, fixed fee development agreement, Aeolus will receive $10.4 million in the first year base amount of performance and up to yet another $107.5 million in options , if exercised by BARDA, for a complete contract value of up to $118 million. In addition to fully within the cost of development of AEOL 10150 as an MCM for Lung ARS, the business believes that the agreement with BARDA will substantially cover all the costs from the preclinical, chemistry, manufacturing, and controls and toxicology essential for the oncology indications, plus a large safety research in humans. A procurement of AEOL 10150 for the Strategic National Stockpile could take place after approval from the U.S. Drug and Food Administration, if obtained, or sooner under a crisis Use Authorization .