Adamas begins ADS-5102 Stage 2/3 clinical trial in Parkinsons disease Adamas Pharmaceuticals.

‘Commencement of the Phase 2/3 clinical study of ADS-5102 culminates years of Adamas research into the use of amantadine as a treatment for LID in Parkinson’s disease, and represents the first well controlled, rigorously powered research of amantadine targeted at licensure in this indication,’ said Gregory Proceeded to go, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Adamas.’ Dr. Matthew Stern, Professor of Neurology, University of Pennsylvania, an associate of Adamas’ Clinical Advisory Panel added, ‘LID represents a substantial unmet need in advanced Parkinson’s disease.In cohort 2, a complete of 17 guys discontinued participation between weeks 8 and 16, of whom 13 underwent follow-up body-composition and strength testing. One participant in cohort 2 was excluded for a process violation. Paired DXA, CT, or strength tests cannot be completed within an additional 3, 5, and 10 guys, respectively, in cohort 1 and in 1, 1, and 12 males, respectively, in cohort 2. Thus, the respective amounts of participants contained in the analyses of sexual desire, body composition as measured by DXA, body composition as measured by CT, and strength were 184, 173, 171, and 166 for cohort 1 and 174, 169, 169, and 158 for cohort 2.