Adult Meningitis Treatment Hospitalization for meningitis depends on the cause.

Viral meningitis is frequently treated at home with acetaminophen and additional pain medications. Antibiotics aren’t helpful in dealing with viral meningitis. When you have bacterial or fungal meningitis, you are admitted to the intensive-care unit often, for either a short period of observation or a longer period if you are even more ill. Care of bacterial meningitis starts by ensuring that your breathing and blood pressure are adequate. An IV series is inserted and fluids are given. You are put on a heart monitor. Intravenous antibiotics could be given. Steroids may be given to try to reduce the severity of the disease. If you are extremely ill, more aggressive health care may be given.After two to three days red blisters had pass on all around the mouth. Due to the blister he was struggling to eat or drink any type of food properly. It was very painful. We tried each and every medication as advised by friends and relatives but none of them worked. Finally we came across ‘Valtrex’. Valtrex shows amazing result within few days. His red blisters disappeared and he properly started eating. To know ways to get benefit from Valtrex and valtrex long term side effects or generic valtrex effectiveness read below – How exactly to use Valtrex – Like any other medication you can take Valtrex medication with water or with any liquid like milk or juice.