After children are damaged by vaccines.

After children are damaged by vaccines, parents are intimidated and bullied into silence Stories of medical cover-ups and lacking records aren’t unusual today, with the ever-controversial area of vaccines especially Generic Drugs . However, for one United Kingdom family, the issue transcends this; they’ve also received death threats and have been warned to maintain calm about their findings, which is common amongst families who’ve been damaged by vaccines permanently. The findings of the Marchant family members get back to 1992 when their then 14-month-old child Julie was given a vaccine. They specifically conveyed their wants to medical staff to only give their child the MMR vaccine, and nothing else.

The researchers have received funding from the Australian Analysis Council to help expand investigate these findings over the next two years.. Age care in jeopardy as workers quit due to job stress Australian researchers say job stress is definitely forcing many age care workers to leave and is usually jeopardising the industry. The researchers from the University of Melbourne warn that almost a third of authorized aged care nurses are contemplating quitting their jobs due to job stress, created by extreme workloads, cost trimming, a hostile work place and competing role demands. The study was conducted by the Centre for Human Resource Administration at the University of Melbourne and the Australian Nursing Federation and it discovered that registered nurses in Victoria’s aged care sector are ’emotionally exhausted’ rather than focused on their workplace.