Although it does not specifically comment on the details of these events.

AAPM reassures security of radiation therapy The American Association of Physicists in Medication has issued a statement today in the wake of several recent articles in the New York Situations yesterday and earlier in the week that discuss a number of rare but tragic events within the last 10 years involving people undergoing radiation therapy . Although it does not specifically comment on the details of these events, the declaration acknowledges their gravity. It reads partly: The AAPM and its own members deeply regret that these occasions have occurred, and we continue to work hard to lessen the probability of similar events in the future.

.. AAPD pediatric oral health experts partner with text message4baby to supply information to pregnant women, new moms The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry , the recognized innovator in children’s oral health, announced today an outreach partnership with the text4baby program. An educational plan of the National Healthy Moms, Healthy Infants Coalition , text4baby delivers health tips via text message to those who need it most. Related Teeth opens new office in Richmond StoriesAspen, KentuckyNew study examines previously unknown top secret to DNA repairPhase III studies also show Roche's ocrelizumab reduces relapse rate, delays disability progression in MS individuals We believe the energy of partnership and community could make an incredible difference in women’s and children’s lives, said Judy Meehan, CEO of the National Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies Coalition.