And some workers have considered taking extra precautions to avoid getting ill.

Ignorance fades to fear, as the masses become managed, led to a mass grave The CDC and federal government health authorities are departing the masses ignorant of any proactive immune-system-building approaches to prevent the pass on of Ebola and are forcing visitors to abandon any protective measures that they are trying to take. This government’s fake assurances and scathing suppression of the reality only feeds fear and hysteria among the people, leading them to an ongoing condition of desperate allegiance that provides the authorities more power and control ultimately. Just listen to these words by CDC Director Thomas Frieden: We will, from this moment forward, make sure that no individual monitored for publicity undergoes travel in any way apart from controlled movement.Although it does not specifically touch upon the details of the events, the declaration acknowledges their gravity. It reads in part: The AAPM and its own members deeply regret these events have occurred, and we continue to work hard to lessen the likelihood of similar events later on. The full statement appears at: Today’s declaration also seeks to reassure the general public on the protection of radiation therapy, which is safely and effectively used to treat hundreds of hundreds of people with cancer and various other diseases every year in the United States. Medical physicists in hospitals and treatment centers across the USA are board-certified specialists who play a key part in assuring quality of these treatments because they’re directly in charge of overseeing the complex technical equipment used.