dmgt-careersAt Asia Risk Centre we create opportunities for entrepreneurs with a science, technology or business background, – whether it is in catastrophe risk modelling, agriculture-climate modelling, software development and strategy or business development. Our clients are entities of the agriculture supply chain exposed to catastrophe risks including insurers, reinsurers, brokers, government entities, funds, lending institutions, processors, bulk handlers, input suppliers, traders and multilateral financing institutions.

As the leading provider of agriculture risk models, we assist all stakeholders to understand and manage their exposures to catastrophe risk across a variety of perils and geographies. Asia Risk Centre is a young and dynamic company embedded in a strong and independent environment in the new field of agriculture risk modelling which creates exciting opportunities for our employees, our clients and partners.

Join us to develop further new markets and agriculture models, to create challenging scientific software, to analyze industry data, to support our clients and to be in touch with the global leaders in agricultural research, risk transfer and policy making. Work with us to create a world of opportunity.

Open Positions at Asia Risk Centre