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Alkermes announces preliminary results from ALKS 33 Stage 2 study in alcohol dependence Alkermes.

today announced preliminary results from a phase 2 clinical study of ALKS 33, among Alkermes‘ proprietary applicants for the treating reward disorders and other central nervous system disorders. The 12-week study was made to assess the security and efficacy of daily oral administration of three different dosage levels of ALKS 33 compared to placebo in 400 alcohol dependent patients. Furthermore to even more traditional measurements of efficacy, the analysis also tested a fresh efficacy endpoint untested in a clinical trial previously, that was a measurement of full abstinence from weighty drinking. Read More

$498 million to improve response to bioterror episodes.

To explore this goal, the researchers reviewed detailed questionnaires done by men regarding their lifestyles and diets. Medical information were also examined, which included checking the men’s history for cancer, coronary disease, hypertension and raised chlesterol levels. The individuals included more than 20,000 Swedish men age range 45 to 79, whom were noticed over an 11-calendar year period. Low-risk behaviors included five factors: a healthy diet plan, moderate alcohol consumption, no smoking, regular exercise and having no abdominal adiposity, or excessive stomach fat. Read More

Aerovance enrolls 540 patients in Stage 2b Aerovant clinical trial Aerovance Inc.

Aerovant is normally a recombinant human IL-4 variant that is a powerful inhibitor of both IL-4 and IL-13 activity. Aerovance acquired the world-wide rights to the drug candidate when the company was created as a spin-out of Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corporation in 2004.. Aerovance enrolls 540 patients in Stage 2b Aerovant clinical trial Aerovance Inc. Today announced it has completed individual enrollment in a Stage 2b clinical trial of the inhaled dry powder formulation of Aerovant for the treatment of uncontrolled asthma. Top-line email address details are expected by the second quarter of 2010. Called AeroTrial, the scholarly study enrolled approximately 540 patients at 75 sites in the United States and Europe. Read More

AMA declares battle on normal doctors.

An Actions has been created by The group Alert that you can use to contact the AMA and speak your mind.. AMA declares battle on normal doctors, proposes gag order to silence progressive physicians like Dr. Oz The same organization that has been trying to shut down chiropractic since at least the 1960s is currently going after doctors like Dr. Mehmet Oz who have the opportunity to speak on tv about the most recent advancements in medicine.

Interested research groups are encouraged to send inquiries via e-mail to. Different applicants from the same laboratory may apply; however, the scientific projects must concern different approaches. Innovative approaches and young researchers should apply. An independent international scientific committee shall review all applications. Early 2007, AIRMA awarded grants to Pr. Pascale Barberger-Gateau, M.D., Ph.D. Of Inserm U593 , and Dr. Bernadette Allinquant, Ph.D. Of centre Paul Broca . The Bordeaux research team shall receive 40,000 euros for one season and the Paris group offers been awarded a one-year grant for 40,000 euros. Furthermore, in 2007 AIRMA awarded a special fund to Dr. Read More

There is currently no vaccine for hepatitis C viagra danmark.

There is currently no vaccine for hepatitis C, but simple measures such as the use of sterile injecting equipment and not personal items such as toothbrushes and razors, you minimize your chances of you to protect exposed viagra danmark . Mary Ramsay, hepatitis expert at the Centre for Infections, infection,the HPA: We must not become complacent about this, it is crucial sustained maintained and improved if more people are to be tested to the risk of infection, and treated. .

In an article examining elections in Haiti and its impact on the country’s recovery from the earthquake on 12 January writes the Miami Herald that have Canada, the U.S., the OAS, the UN and other partners ‘ top lieutenants sent[ Port-au-Prince] for a Monday meeting with President Rene Preval to discuss elections. Read More

The additional savings offers beneficiaries could.

The funding also provides for counseling for the next annual open enrollment period and to identify and register people in rural areas who are eligible for the Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage low income subsidy, the additional savings offers beneficiaries could. This funding is in addition to nearly $ 925,000 in $ 29,885 in grants previously awarded to the ships on 1 April in support rural beneficiaries included.

Vessels is the means distributed by these additional services in rural areas in direct support local used as local serve as local SHIP counseling systems systems, the recipients with a connection to the local counseling assistance, , the, the provision of Internet access to finance advisor. Including this effort involved in collaboration with other public and private organizations in providing coverage and counseling, including support for Medicare beneficiaries enroll. Read More