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– Hospitalizations for pulmonary heart disease cost $ 5, in 2005. A stay for a patient with this disease on average $ 12,400 compared to the $ 8 100 Total average cost of a hospital stay compared.. Michigan House delays vote on abortion ban mirrors federal lawThe Michigan House on Wednesday delayed a vote on a bill to ban so-called partial – birth abortions, would be if it is not save the lives of women, the AP / Mlive. Com reports. AP AP / legislation mirrors the federal government Partial-Birth Abortion Ban , which was confirmed by the U.S.For every woman who needs therapy that can be individualized in consultation with their medical advisers can know based on their age and to the indications.. – -David Sturdee, president of It age of to the hormonal is critical, and in the Women `s said Health Initiative clinical trials appears the impact of conventional HRT, the International Menopause Society,: – This study confirms that Tibolon reduces risk of osteoporotic fractures and also reduces incidence of invasive breast cancer. But among older women would or women at increased risk of stroke, alternative treatment are considered. Like all large studies have shown in recent years, HRT being not a one-size fits all solution, and old age the start of treatment is of crucial importance.

– the only major adverse effect was higher risk for stroke, in females were via the the age of 70 used cautiously used with caution in elderly women tibolone is, when the potential benefits deriving / risk profile may be smaller than for younger women under the age 70 -.