Harvested in the Brazilian rain-forests.

Harvested in the Brazilian rain-forests, the acai fruit tastes like a combination of berries and chocolate, some describe it as a blend of grapes and raspberry. The royal purple hue of acai berry pulp is because of the presence of a pigment which is a rich resource of dietary fiber, vital antioxidants and essential fatty acids which are crucial for removing poisons from your body. Our body goes through oxidation process that releases free of charge radicals from the body. The chain reaction caused by free radicals might lead to cell damage or even death. Antioxidants present in acai berry freeze dried assist in inhibiting of molecules during the oxidation process thus creating free radicals. The antioxidant dietary supplement of ACAI berry is reported to be 10 times better in preventing chronic illnesses like heart disease, tumor, altitude sickness, etc.Teens should get a little more than nine hours of sleep a complete night, based on the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. ‘Getting adequate rest is key for many facets of an adolescent’s development,’ Dr. Nathaniel Watson, academy president, said in the news release. ‘This research raises significant concern about the consequences of impeding their currently hectic sleep schedules with Daylight Saving Time every spring.’.

335M available under HHS Expanded Providers initiative for community wellness centers HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today announced the option of up to $335 million for existing community health centers across the country beneath the Expanded Services initiative.