How Reliable Are Medical Studies?

A lot more than 500 scientific journals have signed onto a set of standards presented simply by Science earlier this season, which demand promotion of openness and transparency along the way where studies get published, McNutt said. But McNutt added that the outcomes of this new review shouldn’t prompt broad skepticism targeted at science in general, and doesn’t invariably invalidate all of the findings published in the initial papers. It’s so very important to everyone to keep in mind that just because a result is reproducible will not necessarily make it correct. There are many examples of results that were completely reproducible yet, were wrong fundamentally, she said.The SNP rs7574865 in STAT4 intron 3 is known to be connected with risks of rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus,22 and type 1 diabetes34; our findings claim that it is associated with primary biliary cirrhosis aswell , although the strongest signals of association at this locus originated from intronic SNPs outside the linkage-disequilibrium block tagged by rs7574865.25,26,36 Our genomewide association research had a statistical power of 82 percent to detect associations with an odds ratio of 1 1.5 for patients in comparison with controls and therefore provides strong evidence for associations of major biliary cirrhosis with HLA, IL12A, and IL12RB2 variants.