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In the same issue of the magazine, Steven Alpert of the University of Pittsburgh indicates that the studies that have contributed to these results, not all of the same methods for measuring prevalence rates and neurologists, and have the same methods apply to diagnose disease medicine information . Thus, in his view, while the numbers are interesting, they are probably not correct.

If these figures shares of the total shares of the total population, they add for millions of for millions of Americans with one or more of these 12 neurological disorders. For example, half a million American children have an autistic disorder, more than 2 million Americans have epilepsy, almost 3 million have suffered a stroke, suffer more than 35 million migraine.

The survey included eight hundred fifty-six HRS operators age of 71 and above from 42 states in 2001-2003. ADAMS interviewer from Duke University Medical School carried out at-home analysis to obtain information about each participant’s cognitive and functional status of and symptoms of, as neuropsychiatric symptoms, current drug, 13.9 per cent of adults. And Family reviews tale out of store trouble collecting. Front neuroimaging and laboratory findings were obtained also.

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