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On most days of the week ‘.. – Includes breast cancer – among women, according to a new study by the American Association for Cancer Research, regular physical activity has consistently been associated with a reduced risk of particular cancers. Researchers believe that the exercise of the influence of factors such as hormone levels, immune function and body weight to explain the link. – ‘Start for women who are currently in a regular in a regular fitness routine, which is a compelling reason for them,’said Druxman. ‘The main elements are sweating and this on a consistent basis, which means that.

HIV-positive children HIV-positive children who are adopted from Ethiopia because it is a well-established adoption ‘hub’countries, including China, Haiti and Russia have seen increases. The numbers remain small – fewer than five HIV-positive children in each country this year, according to U.S. Adoption agencies Russia, and thating with HIV-positive children – but the numbers could be higher because many do not ask if do not ask whether a child adopted live with HIV / AIDS.

Ethiopian adoptions in the United States peaked at 1,255 in 2007 and the adoption of HIV-positive children is growing in step, according to U.S.If the researchers made the abnormal form from MOG at mouse oligodendrocytes They confirm that that MOG protein has no in the cells in the cells. This suggests in that the mutant not have operate properly MOG. Even though more research is needed in order to identify the links between myelin oligodendrocytes and narcolepsy.. Dr. Peraita – Adrados, co-author Dr. Mehdi Tafti from at Lausanne University in Switzerland, and her colleagues found that the myelin oligodendrocyte Gen in the affected Family reviews members of mutation comprises a that not here was.

Strong emotions. Although most cases narcolepsy be thought to be caused by complex mechanisms, a very small %age cases with an unknown inherited mutations are associated. Covered a new study by Cell Press in the American Journal of Human Genetics published one mutation which causes narcolepsy a large family hit by the disease. To research throws a new light at the genetic inheritance narcolepsy and a fascinating insight into other complex neuropsychiatric disorders. – ‘The reason for these rare form of hereditary narcolepsy be to study extremely difficult and is not well understood,’said the senior author of study, Rosa Peraita – Adrados out of the Gregorio Mara north University Hospital in Madrid, Spain.