Investigating natures pharmacyBecause plants cannot flee from predators.

Because these substances evolved to kill many of the same pathogens that afflict human beings, they may be used as impressive medicines often. The problem is that many plant compounds evolved to deter pet predators also, including huge mammals such as ourselves. That means that when analyzing the defensive chemical substances produced by plants, scientists need to work hard to tell apart between the ones that are medicinal and those that are poisonous or dangerous. Efferth and Kuete have already been collaborating jointly for four years, investigating traditional African medicinal plant life including the Ethiopian pepper, giant world thistle, speargrass and wild pepper.Public and political accomplishments could possibly be the ones that benefit the research, the practice or the reputation of the specialty. Related StoriesIdentifying obstructive coronary artery disease in women: an interview with Dr. This award is provided for continuing contributions for the basic or clinical research of Pain Medication or for demonstration of scientific excellence or technology in the practice of Pain Medicine. Perry G. This award is directed at a person for specific outstanding contributions. This award was created to honor those healthcare specialists whose deeds reflect their recognition of the importance and impact of the specialty of Discomfort Medicine.