dmgt-mediaAsia Risk Centre in the Media

Asia Risk Centre regularly contributes to articles on agriculture risk management to trade media and is interviewed by the leading reinsurance and insurance magazines.

theactuaryMarch 2015

Asia Risk Centre describes the challenges in building agriculture models and compares methodologies to property catastrophe models while revealing the growth potential in key markets globally for agriuclture.

china_insurance_news_1June 2014

Asia Risk Centre licenses China Agriculture Model to Swiss Re and People’s Insurance Company of China.
ARC model becomes benchmark for modelling agriculture risks in China.

intelligent_insurerMay 2014

Swiss Re and the People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC) are the latest insurer and reinsurer to licence the Asia Risk Centre’s (ARC) China agriculture model, which according to ARC signals the growing need of robust models to systematically quantify agriculture risk in the region.

Marketing Contact:
Sonia Rawal
Asia Risk Centre, Singapore

airJanuary 2014

ARC describes the challenges of agriculture risk modeling in India and the opportunities in this fast growing markets for (re)insurers.

strategic_riskNovember 2013

ARC describes the risk profile for agriculture in Thailand with a focus on rice production and insurance.