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Whilst in the worst cases prostate tumor can demonstrate fatal there are many of treatment options obtainable and in this article I will be discussing four of the. 1) BRACHYTHERAPY: – This treatment involves radioactive seeds being placed within your prostate gland. Once they have been inserted in to your prostate they stay there for the rest of your life but they become much less and less radioactive as time passes by. Brachytherapy is regarded as as effective as medical procedures for treating prostate tumor but it does include some unpleasant unwanted effects. First, this type of treatment can cause a temporary burning sensation when urinating. It can also result in impotence with approximately 30 percent of guys produced impotent by brachytherapy.To catch a seafood. The chilling effect of the mass call-tracking program is apparent: anybody hoping to strategy plaintiffs with proof official misconduct would be understandably wary knowing that the government receives, almost in real-time, an archive of every mobile call, says the motion. Included in ACLU’s client list for the motion are potential whistleblowers who are seeking lawyer and government employees fearing reprisals because of their political views. The suit, filed June 11, titles Director of National Cleverness James Clapper; NSA Director Keith Alexander; Protection Secretary Chuck Hagel; Lawyer General Eric Holder; and Robert Mueller, FBI director.