Scientific Publications

dmgt-scientific-pubAsia Risk Centre’s scientists regularly contribute to scientific publications in various risk domains based on their current work and pervious experience.


Warren, R., Lowe, J. A., Arnell, N., Hope, C., Berry, P., Brown, S., Gambhir, A., Gosling, S. N., Nicholls, R. J., O Hanley, J., Osborn, T. J., Osborne, T., Price, J., Raper, S. C. B., Rose, G. and Vanderwal, J.2013, 120 (1-2). pp. 55-70. ISSN 0165-0009



Asseng, S., Thomas, D., Khimashia, N., McIntosh, P. and Alves, O. (2012). Managing mixed wheat-sheep farms with a seasonal forecast. Agricultural Systems, , 113, 50-56




Miller, C., Gibbons, M, Beatty, K. and Boissonnade, A.C. (2013). Topographic Speed-up Effects and Observed Roof Damage on Bermuda Following Hurricane Fabian, vol. 28

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