###.. PRESS RELEASE DALLAS – The American Center Association’s Objective: Lifeline Program and Duke University’s School of Medicine and College of Nursing announced today the receipt of a quality improvement grant of $3.5 million from the AstraZeneca Medical Education Grants Office to improve systems of look after quickly dealing with heart attacks. The task,Regional Systems Accelerator: Execution of The American Center Association’s Mission: Lifeline – AMI Discharge and Follow Up Demonstration Project, will concentrate on improving response, treatment and follow-up look after people who experience anST elevation myocardial infarction.Each mutation was absent in the DNA samples we attained from the parents of the affected patients and in a control group of 190 healthy subjects, where all SYNGAP1 exons and intronic junctions were sequenced. One heterozygous missense variant , a benign polymorphism probably, was present in sufferers with nonsyndromic mental retardation and control topics alike . The three patients with the de novo mutations, whose ages ranged from 4 to 11 years, had similar clinical profiles . These were all born to nonconsanguineous parents after uneventful pregnancies and deliveries.