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In the vancomycin group, adverse events that created during treatment and resulted in discontinuation of the study drug had been hypersensitivity , cellulitis , and sepsis, bacterial skin infection, drug hypersensitivity, pruritus, and rash . The frequency of significant adverse events was identical in the two groups , as was the distribution of serious adverse events . Three sufferers died during the research: in the oritavancin group, one individual passed away from sepsis and septic shock, and in the vancomycin group, one patient died from sepsis and one from advanced dementia with parkinsonism.A multivitamin may be part of your solution, but if so, not just any multivitamin can do. Choose quality, over quantityMost of today’s multivitamins come from synthetic sources, with numerous artificial additives like shades, flavors, sugars, chemicals and fillers. As any health conscious individual can deduce, it does look like a rather backwards approach to be using something that takes away from our health, to improve our health. Many folks are also under the impression that a vitamin is a vitamin, meaning they are all equivalent in efficacy from our body’s perspective. This has shown to be false, as our body deals best with minerals and vitamins that come from, and within their whole food type.