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It is truly an honor to be recognized because of this success,’ said Mark W. Hale, President and Chief Executive Officer of Wexford Health. ‘We are constantly looking for partnership opportunities with our clients that can serve the public's interests in correctional health care. The Yavapai RTC plan is an outstanding testament to that dedication.’ The three-year-old RTC program is a bold choice that assists restore defendants to competency quicker, and at far less cost, than in the past. The RTC plan provides treatment to greatly help bring defendants to the point where they can reasonably take part in their own protection, advancing the administration of justice.Tests done by the condition and the U Further.S. Division of Agriculture found the birds did not have active infections, but were exposed to a subtype of the disease rather. Fitch said the business began losing the birds immediately. ‘There is no human health danger,’ Fitch said. ‘But we take this very significantly.’ Fitch said condition officials decided against announcing the infection to everyone because the birds tested positive for contact with the H7N3 strain of the virus. The strain that ravaged Asian poultry shares in past due 2003 was H5N1 bird flu virus. That version of the virus has killed 240 people worldwide and researchers worry it might mutate into a form that spreads easily among people. Gary Mickelson, a spokesman for Springdale-based Tyson, said the hens demonstrated no indications of sickness before their pre-slaughter blood tests.