The State of Americas health care is in decline.

‘The alternative to moving forward on comprehensive health reform can be an unconscionable abdication of responsibility by our elected leaders to make sure that high quality healthcare remains available and inexpensive for American households today, tomorrow and for years to come,’ concluded Dr. Stubbs.. ACP urges Obama and Congress to enact in depth health care reform ‘The unfortunate truth is that by many measures, the State of America’s health care is in decline,’ Joseph W. Stubbs, MD, FACP, president of the American College of Physicians , reported today at ACP’s annual Condition of the Nation’s HEALTHCARE briefing.Because microRNAs regulate genes performing in various pathways, deregulated microRNA expression can trigger a cascade of events that alter the biology of the cell. As a result, a proper normalization strategy that allows the detection of small changes is very important, when dealing with heterogeneous patient samples especially. Reverse transcription quantitative PCR has become the approach to choice for calculating gene expression levels in terms of precision and specificity, both for coding and non-coding RNAs.