There are now ten approved SkyePharma SkyePharma technologies in the areas of oral.

Notes for Editors:About SkyePharmaSkyePharma develops pharmaceutical products benefiting from world-leading drug delivery technologies that are easier to use and more effective drug formulations provide. There are now ten approved SkyePharma SkyePharma technologies in the areas of oral, injectable, inhaled and topical administration, by advanced solubilisation capabilities. For more information.

This is part of the total milestone payments of up to U.S. $ 12 million due to SkyePharma under this agreement. In addition, SkyePharma will receive royalties on net sales of Pulmicort HFA – MDI. Michael Ashton, Chief Executive of SkyePharma, said: SkyePharma has an established presence in the important and rapidly growing pulmonary delivery market, with two breath – actuated dry powder inhalers and metered dose inhalers, the non – use of blowing agents CFC. The completion of the phase III trial of the HFA – MDI version of Pulmicort , information please contact AstraZeneca is a major milestone towards eventual marketing and also to validate our MDI formulation technology.Historically, doctors feel when money gets tight, cavalry – the form of more cash. We do arrive to the point where it is unlikely is is each of horse achieved, recorded Chernew.

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