These complications range from swelling.

$ 50. Elastic compression stockings reduces complications after a blood clot in his legOne of three or four people with deep vein thrombosis in the legs developed complications. These complications range from swelling, skin discoloration and numbness, to chronic pain, hardening of the skin and leg wounds.

The incidence of complications was 26 % to 49 % and reduced the incidence of severe complications was reduced from 12 % to 3.5 %. – In other words, at the end of two years, only 25 % of the patients who wore the stockings had post – blood clot complications compared with 49 % of those who wear stockings not want develop. – This study suggests that stocking therapy routine after a deep vein clot be, said Jeffrey S.The group is made of Sokolov, physics professor and chemical and bimolecular scientific, Craig GB. Woodworth, biology professor; Swaminathan has Iyer, a physics postdoctoral research and Ravi M. Gaikwad and Venkatesh Subba – Rao, the two graduate physicist student.

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