This wide prevalence may have been one factor in overlooking their health benefits.

4. Prevent cramps Fitness freaks will swear by the charged power of bananas in keeping the cramps away during intensive workout routines. Even athletic sportsmen consider bananas instead of sports drink. A great example is usually Roger Federer, the world number 1 tennis player. If you have exercised during the day intensively, you need to eat bananas before bed time to prevent night time cramps. 5. Fight depression Of addictive anti-depressants Instead, switch to bananas for organic depression cure. They are loaded in tryptophan, which is usually converted into serotonin, a kind of feel good hormone. They steadily improve your disposition and even induce tension relieving relaxation. It is for this reason that elders used to suggest eating bananas prior to going to bed.Some may believe having a personal or a superstar trainer in Manhattan can be expensive, but the truth is you can actually save money because most trainers have all of the equipment you need so you need not buy any exercise equipment you may need.

Allergy victims, beware the ‘pollen tsunami’ If you have itchy, watery eye, a runny nasal area and an uncontrollable urge to sneeze, you’re definitely not alone. Springtime allergies are in a high at this time, as tree pollen showers the Northeast in what some are contacting a ‘pollen tsunami.’ The reason why it’s so intense right now, experts say, is due to the wet, cold winter season that pummeled the region this year.