To date it isnt known how EUS-FNA compares with mediastinoscopy.

With EUS-FNA, an ultrasound transducer incorporated along with an endoscope allows the investigator to visualize and place the aspiration needle into mediastinal lymph nodes under real-time ultrasound guidance. The EUS-FNA examination has a sensitivity of 88 % and a specificity of 91 % in analyzing mediastinal lymph nodes. To date it isn’t known how EUS-FNA compares with mediastinoscopy, nor from what extent the mix of EUS-FNA and mediastinoscopy improves preoperative staging. Jouke T. Annema, M.D., Ph.D., of Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, the Netherlands, and co-workers conducted a report to determine whether lung tumor staging by EUS-FNA furthermore to mediastinoscopy improved preoperative staging compared with staging by mediastinoscopy only.Just 30 years ago there was a fresh, unregulated drug spreading quickly across America’s streets. Young and old, poor and affluent, the drug’s appeal had no boundaries and was also prescribed. The substance’s sudden boost in popularity prompted a report by the CBS Evening Information in April of 1985. Chemists called the drug MDMA. Users acquired another word for this: Ecstasy. In his record former CBS News correspondent Steve Young heard from the drug’s biggest supporters and its biggest opponent – the Medication Enforcement Agency. Earl and Marge Deacon are performing something they’ve by no means done before, taking a psychedelic drug which may be the LSD of the 80s, reported Young.