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Zarzycki will highlight the distinct characteristics of Access’ Cobalamin nanotechnology and the potential essential role it’ll play later on treatment of various illnesses. Zarzycki, Director of Quality and Chemistry for Gain access to Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’ Last month, Access Pharmaceuticals announced its pre-licensing feasibility agreement with a respected biotechnology company to build up an oral formulation of a currently marketed, proprietary injectable drug, utilizing its proprietary Cobalamin Oral Drug Delivery Technology. Related StoriesAdvances in nanofilter technology may lead to implantable surgically, artificial kidneyResearchers use advanced photodynamic therapy to fight ovarian cancer in laboratory animalsUNC scientists create smarter immune cells to take care of Parkinson's diseaseCobalamin is Gain access to’ proprietary technology based upon the use of vitamin B12 for targeted delivery of medications to disease sites and for oral medication delivery of drugs that otherwise possess poor oral bioavailability.Access recently reported that its novel Cobalamin-covered insulin containing nanoparticle formulations delivered orally offered a pharmacological response equal to greater than 80 percent of that achieved by insulin shipped subcutaneously. The Company believes the significant oral bioavailability discovered underscores the formulation’s prospect of clinical development and greatest commercialization. Related StoriesInsulin plays a much stronger function in regulating discharge of dopamineOral formulation of insulin displays promise in management of blood glucose in diabetic ratsStudy links antibiotic use during childhood to excess weight gain We are excited to do this collaboration for the advancement of an oral formulation of one of the leading injectable medicines, stated David Nowotnik, Senior Vice President for R&D for Gain access to Pharmaceuticals, Inc.