Using minicells produced from bacteria.

‘This important study shows for the first time that these bacterially-derived minicells could be given properly to patients with cancer. It thereby allows further clinical exploration of a totally new paradigm of targeted drug delivery using this system in conjunction with different ‘payloads’ of cell-killing drugs or various other treatments such as for example RNA interference, and with different targeting antibodies.’ He concluded: ‘The minicell technology can be a platform for the targeted delivery of many different molecules, including drugs and molecules for silencing rogue genes which trigger drug resistance in late stage cancer.Sankaran to get Rising Star AwardNew UCLA study looks at primary care medical home in reducing childrens' repeat visits to hospitals Also, an examination of how the health law and immigration reform proposals may potentially interact – The Wall Street Journal: Bill Pubs Health-Care Cost Assistance For Immigrants Immigrant advocates are upset with a health-care provision of the immigration-overhaul legislation that could power certain immigrants to pay a charge for lacking insurance plan while excluding them from financial help to buy it. The wrinkle could develop the high grade of Americans who would face the 2010 Inexpensive Care Action's penalties with no access to its main benefit. If passed into legislation, the immigration changes would apply to most of the 11 million immigrants living in the U.S.