About ARC

about_dmgtOur mission is to “Transform the agricultural market by creating the leading risk quantification solutions based on science, technology and data, underpinned by our trust and partnership with all stakeholders in the industry”.

clientAsia Risk Centre’s risk models support decision-making at every level of agriculture underwriting, from risk selection and pricing to portfolio management and risk transfer. Agriculture insurance and reinsurance underwriters as well as portfolio and fund managers see a large value in fully understanding the underlying risk to make the best possible risk transfer and investment decision.

We provide clients across the agriculture supply chain with a consistent and unbiased view of risk when it comes to catastrophe type of exposure. Our models are based on the advanced agriculture and climate science. We first undertake research projects with leading local academic institutions and the industry to determine the best way to develop the hazard to be used in our models.

Asia Risk Centre’s ownership structure guarantees the independence required to work for all stakeholders in the agriculture supply chain involved in quantifying, underwriting, managing and transferring agriculture risks.

Our risk models currently cover:

  • 52% of the agriculture insurance premium in China
  • 12% of the agriculture insurance premium in India
  • 34% of the agriculture reinsurance premium in China from international reinsurers

Catastrophe risks in agriculture are difficult to quantify due to a short insurance loss history, a fast changing risk landscape, globalization in trades and the inherent complexity of the crop growth cycle in a wide range of agriculture climate zones and crop types. We deal on a daily basis with a variety of perils such as drought, flood, typhoon, frost, hail, epidemic livestock diseases, forest fires and complex indices when it comes to weather and yield index insurance. Agriculture risk modelling is our key focus and being located in Asia, allows us to interact with our clients, local experts and researchers and industry thought leaders to provide the best available solutions.

Asia Risk Centre is dedicated to supporting its clients beyond providing risk models by interpreting the output of our models and developing new risk transfer products. We play a key role in local capacity building in the domain of catastrophe risks modelling and advanced analytics.

With fast growing insurance markets, global trading and climate change being at the top of most government agendas, agriculture insurance, risk transfer and hedging is bound to increase further at a rapid pace. It is Asia Risk Centre’s mission to develop risk modelling solutions for all stakeholders in the agriculture supply chain.